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John Desouza  'Best Selling Author'
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Para-Investigators resolve mysteries and crimes using paranormal abilities. Para-Investigators are police officers, civilian investigators, psychics, ghost-hunters-even ordinary people who somehow become involved in the search for truth.

What they all have is common is that they use supernatural abilities to protect and serve a society that does not yet accept their existence. 

Para-Investigators are "over-crossers" who enter realms beyond our physical world. These are their true stories in their own words. Yet, to truly understand them, we must delve into the concepts that make Para-Investigation possible. It is vital to grasp what true investigation means, what real evidentiary value is and how "over-crossers" enter realms beyond our material world.


At times, they do so without conscious knowledge that they crossed over and often without even knowing that they have these supernatural abilities.

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