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The Clear-Hearers is the story of an investigation. It is the true story of visitation and messages from an incredibly powerful source. It recounts the author's lifelong investigation into the identity of the Great Voice and it depicts the struggles of many Clear-Hearers-historical figures who experienced the Great Voice throughout their lives. 

Yet, it becomes clear that the reality of the Great Voice will never be revealed by leaders of society but only by Clear-Hearers who live alongside us every day. By letting go of the pat answers that give people comfort (that the Great Voice is God, the angels or the spirits of the dead) we can move forward together and root out the true identity of that Great Voice.


Once that truth is unfolded, there will be a new voice in the paranormal, one that has been there all along.

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We are in it already. The circle of Mass Awakening has opened because of the expansion of what people believe. Despite what mainstream society tries to tell us, belief determines everything in life and beyond. Faith and belief are the only things that can transform everything. 
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