Sizes: 8mm 10mm 12mm

Comfortable to Wear Nice choice for birthday gifts, Valentine's day gifts, Christmas Gifts, Promise Gifts, birthday gifts etc. High quality stainless steel. Envirmental Protection

POWERED by Holotech Promotes a new way of USING FREQUENCIES

Some of the wellness frequencies included in these earrings are

*Pineal gland decalcification abilities *Brain Booster for focusing *Galactic Star for enhanced manifestation *Limitless neural-net ULTIMATE processing *Ginkgo biloba: short-term memory *Frequencies to merge brain hemisphere's *DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), two types of omega-3 fatty acids. *Resveratrol: improve memory and brain function. *Phosphatidylserine: for preserving brain health, improve your thinking skills and memory. *Acetyl-L-carnitine: helpful for treating a loss of brain function in the elderly *Creatine: help's improve memory and thinking skills in people who don't eat meat.

And the list goes on..

Enhanced SB Studs

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